COVID-19 Statement

In light of the latest developments of the COVID-19 virus, Fugro has taken global measures based on advice from WHO and ISOS. Each country also follows their own government' instructions.

The Fugro GNSS Network will continue to be managed and operated by two independent, fully manned, 24/7 Network Control Centres providing Fugro Satellite Positioning Services.

Rotating shift personnel, plus support personnel, at both primary NCC locations (Houston and Singapore) ensure availability of these services.

The Fugro Seastar 24/7 support phone will be fully operational. Currently staff are working through home offices due to national restrictions. This does not affect our services.

We have more than 6 months of stock (DGNSS receivers, antennas, cables etc.) at our site in order to support your operations.  Fugro Seastar will maintain preparation and shipment of spare parts at the Fugro Norway Satellite Positioning workshop at their Oslo offices in Norway with no more than one day additional response time.

For urgent, critical or operational technical problems relating to SeastarTM DGNSS equipment or correction signals please call the 24 hour duty phone : +47 21 50 14 20

For other general technical questions please contact seastarservice@fugro.com.

Further information This article was created on 17 Mar 2020 and last updated on 8 Sep 2021

For further information contact Seastar Service on +47 21 50 14 20 (24 hr duty phone) or click here to email.

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