Do I have an active subscription? (Seastar 3710)

Questions regarding whether your vessel has an active subscription agreement should normally be handled by your key account manager, who can be reached via seastarsales@fugro.com if you don't have their direct contact details.

If you need to check whether your receiver has received the correct expiry date according to your contract you can find instructions below, further information can be found at fsp.support/seastar/ or in your printed equipment manual

Seastar 3710

On this unit subscription information is located in the About menu
  • Press the DOWN button until About is shown in the lower line of the display
  • Enter About menu with the � key; then press DOWN. The first field will show the demodulator's serial number, the second shows your subscription type and third shows the expiry date with the following format [DD MMM YYYY]
  • Check that both the type and expiry date are correct according to your subscription agreement

For further information contact Seastar Service on +47 21 50 14 20 (24 hr duty phone) or click here to email.

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