How do I update firmware on the 9205-GNSS?

Updating internal system software (firmware) is a straightforward and commonplace activity. However, there is an (extremely remote) chance of problems occurring during the process, so you should ensure that you plan to update the receiver when it is not in operational use, or about to be.

The latest firmware version is available for download from fsp.support/seastar under the 'Products' tab. Save it onto your computer's desktop.

Updating firmware is carried-out using the receiver's web interface (see the FAQ 'How do I enter the web interface of the Fugro 9200-G2 or 9205-GNSS?')

  • Go to the security tab and sign in
  • After signing in, go to the 'Firmware' tab
  • Choose file (.timg file) to use with the choose file button
  • Press the 'Install new firmware' button and wait a few minutes while the receiver updates

If the update does not complete check the 'Active Firmware Warranty Date' under the 'Firmware' tab to see if it has expired. If expired email seastarservice@fugro.com with the serial number of your unit and ask for a new warranty code, and check the FAQ 'The warranty code on my 920x unit is expired what do I do?'

Warning: If you have firmware older than version 4.60, you must upgrade to version 4.60 before upgrading to the latest version.

You can check the receiver's firmware version by briefly pressing the Power button to ensure you are in the Home screen, and then pressing the down arrow multiple times until you get to the Firmware screen. If you do have an older version, send an email to seastarservice@fugro.com and we can send you firmware version 4.60 by email.

For further information contact Seastar Service on +47 21 50 14 20 (24 hr duty phone) or click here to email.

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