Do I have an active subscription (Fugro 9200-G2, 9205-GNSS)?

Questions regarding whether your vessel has an active subscription agreement should normally be handled by your key account manager, who can be reached at seastarsales@fugro.com if you don't have their direct contact details.

If you need to check whether your receiver has received the correct expiry date according to your contract:

Active Mode

  • To make sure you are in the main display press the power button briefly
  • To access the information screen for the subscription press the DOWN arrow repeatedly (the number of presses varies according to the unit's firmware version)
  • Once you have reached the correct information screen 'Mode' will appear in the top left corner followed by either 'VBS', 'XP', 'HP' or 'G2' or a combination of these
  • The subscription expiry date is then displayed on the lower line of the display

Inactive Mode

Email seastarsales@fugro.com

Further information can be found in the user guide, available for download from fsp.support/seastar/9205_gnss.php

For further information contact Seastar Service on +47 21 50 14 20 (24 hr duty phone) or click here to email.

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