How do I enter the web interface of the Fugro 9200-G2 or 9205-GNSS?

  • For both these Fugro 920x units you must connect a computer to the receiver's network
    • You can either connect a network cable directly into the IPDU, or use a MPA (Multi Port Adapter) which you connect the network cable to
    • Once your computer is connected to the network, you must make sure that the computer's IP address is in the same range as the 920x unit.
  • You should also disable DHCP
    • Briefly press the Power button to get to the Home screen
    • Press the Enter button from the Home screen and then the DOWN arrow until you see the Ethernet configuration menu
    • Press Enter again, and you will see the DHCP screen and whether this is 'Enabled' or 'Disabled'
    • If the DHCP is enabled, press the right arrow so that that 'Enabled' is blinking, and press the down arrow to change to 'Disabled', and then press Enter to save the change
    • When this is done, the receiver will tell you to reboot
    • Once you have rebooted the receiver, check the receiver's IP address in order to get your PC in the same range.
  • Checking/changing the 920x unit's IP address
    • Press the UP button (from the Home screen) until you see the IP address
    • The receiver's IP address can also be changed by pressing the Enter button from the Home screen and then the down arrow to get to the Ethernet configuration
    • Press Enter twice to get to the IP address screen, and then the RIGHT arrow to be able to change the numbers (the changeable number will be blinking). Use the UP and DOWN arrows to change the numbers, and the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move between placements
    • Press Enter to save, and reboot for the changes to take effect

When the receiver and the computer are in the same IP range, open up an internet browser, and enter the 920x receiver's IP address. The web interface should now be accessible.

For an explanation of the interface menus, please see Chapter 4 of the 920x User Guide (available to download from fsp.support/marinestar)

For further information contact Marinestar Leidschendam on T +31 (0)70 317 0960 | F +31 (0)70 317 0924 or click here to email.

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