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Fugro Seastar Community serves maritime professionals concerned with operating, installing, supporting or managing Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems aboard offshore oil and gas vessels, using Fugro SeastarTM branded GNSS augmentation signals and equipment.

Why join the community?: Members enjoy access to the following added-value support resources:

  • Priority email support access
  • Documentation tailored to their needs
  • Planning tools
  • Register to receive service status notifications
  • Gain access to Fugro Satellite Positioning's support library
  • Bart (reference stations in realtime)
  • Access to scintillation monitoring tool
  • Lookup FW warranty code
  • View live network status
  • Access to live receiver for testing and training
  • Print your own training certificates
  • Be able to request a trial subscription
  • You may opt-in to be alerted in the event of GNSS or Fugro infrastructure issues
  • You may opt-in to receive the FSP support newsletter

Applications are reviewed weekly and suitably qualified individuals may enjoy all the benefits of Fugro Seastar Community membership once they have received an email to confirm that their membership has been approved.


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