High accuracy positioning services in coastal and deep sea areas plus inland waterways on various types of vessel such as Naval, Hydrographic, Dredging, Research, Wind Farm Support and other specialist craft.

18th AprilFugro's G4+ vs RTK
13th FebruaryConsider Action Notice for Septentrio Users
24th JanuaryARSAT service replaces AMSAT service
26 Dec '23GLONASS Day Rollover 2023
30 Oct '23New firmware for Septentrio AsteRx-uFg users released
13 Oct '23Important information for Septentrio AsteRx-u-Fg users
18 Sep '23New Septentrio AsteRx-U3 Marine firmware 4.14.1 available
13 Sep '23ERSAT service replaces EMSAT service
24 Jul '23IRSAT service replaces IOSAT service
3 Jul '23Marinestar switches from ITRF2014 to ITRF2020
14 Jun '23Marinestar Precise Point Positioning status update (June 2023)
26 May '23Marinestar takes advantage of modern BeiDou satellites
3 Jan '23Fugro Satellite Positioning Status Update (Hydro 2022)
12 Sep '22Septentrio launches the Marinestar AsteRx-U3 Marine receiver
12 Jul '22Septentrio M3 Fg OEM board with Marinestar is available
15 Jun '22Septentrio releases updated firmware version 4.12 for AsteRx-u-Fg, and AsteRx4 OEM boards