Fugro Satellite Positioning's GNSS augmentation services are tailored to meet high precision and reliability maritime positioning needs. Choose the service line which most closely matches your operational needs.

GNSS correction services for DP operations (oil and gas sector). Used aboard Platform Supply vessels (PSVs), Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPVs), Anchor Handling Tugs (AHTs) and also Dive Support Vessels (DSVs), Drill Ships and Drilling Rigs.

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Reliable, type-approved position, speed and heading inputs to vessel navigation systems used by the Merchant Navy. Oceanstar provides protection against spoofing and assists large vessels with berthing manoeuvres.

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High accuracy positioning services in Coastal and Deep Sea Areas plus Inland Waterways on various types of vessels such as Naval, Hydrographic, Dredging, Research, Wind farm support and other specialist craft.

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Positioning services for offshore construction vessels, survey operations, pipelay and cable lay activities, seismic surveys, dive support, FPSO installation and monitoring, in the oil and gas sector.

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