Do I have an active subscription? (Kongsberg DPS 110 / DPS 112)

Questions regarding whether your vessel has an active subscription agreement should normally be handled by your key account manager, who can be reached via if you don't have their direct contact details.

If you need to check whether your receiver has received the correct expiry date according to your contract you can find instructions below, further information can be found at or in your printed equipment manual

Kongsberg DPS 110 / DPS 112

These units differ somewhat from Kongsberg's other DP equipment in that the Seastar demodulator engine is built-in, so they consequently do not need to be connected to an external Seastar demodulator.

This means that the subscriptions for the Seastar demodulator engine and the DPS itself are both checked on the DPS. The procedure is as follows:

  • From the Main menu press the DOWN button until you see 'About'
  • Then press once and then DOWN again
  • You will come to the Expiry Date and then the Engine Mode displays.
  • The displayed expiry date must be verified as being correct according to your agreement and the engine should normally be SGG XP (DPS 110) or SGG G2 (DPS 112).

Note: If there is a system with two identical DPS 11x units (e.g. DPS 110 or DPS 112) then one should have SGG XP and the other one have SGG G2. This is to ensure redundancy in the correction calculation method.