Do I have an active subscription? (Kongsberg DPS 132 WinXP, DPS 232, DPS xD, Seapath 330/330+)

Questions regarding whether your vessel has an active subscription agreement should normally be handled by your key account manager, who can be reached via if you don't have their direct contact details.

If you need to check whether your receiver has received the correct expiry date according to your contract you can find instructions below, further information can be found at or in your printed equipment manual

Kongsberg DPS 132 WinNT

It is important to check that the subscription is active for all Windows NT-based DPS 132 with. This is because a green 'traffic light' on the main screen does not mean that everything is working. It only means that there is some electrical activity on the defined port.

  • To check subscription details you must first enter DB Viewer. This can be opened by pressing Alt+D or selecting it in the Tools menu on the DPS
  • In the DB Viewer window there is a field called DB list
  • Select 'XP/HP subscription' from the list and the subscription type and expiry will appear in the information box.
  • Check that this is correct according to your agreement.