Why is the HP traffic light red on my Seatex DPS (Windows XP)?

DPS units will show a red traffic light if there is no data received on the port or if the data received is in wrong format/misinterpreted. Below is a list of common scenarios that give this behaviour:

  • Demodulator does not have lock to a correction satellite.
    • Verify that the demodulator is configured to receive the correct correction satellite for your area of operation and that the signal strength is good.
  • Demodulator without (or with wrong) subscription.
    • Check that the subscription is valid and verify that is has the correct subscription type.
  • Demodulator is not configured to output HP correction data.
    • Check that HP output is configured on correct output port.
  • Miscommunication between demodulator and DPS unit.
    • Check the control interface parameters on both the DPS and the demodulator. Serial communication must be set to identical baud rate, start bit, stop bit and parity. Network communication must be set to correct mode (unicast/multicast) and with the correct IP address and network port

Hint: Use Fugro HP Library in DPS unit to verify that good messages are received. This will count up on bad messages if the data is wrong or if the communication is incorrect.

Note: This is only valid for DPS units with display based on windows XP operation system.