Why is the IALA or SBAS traffic light red on my Kongsberg Seatex DPS?

IALA and SBAS corrections are regional free to air services. Fugro Seastar does not monitor and has no information on the validity or availability of these signals.

  • IALA is a common term for corrections transmitted over a Beacon DGPS broadcasting station network. Individual stations transmit corrections on dedicated frequencies in the range 283.5 KHz – 325.0 KHz. If you need further information about IALA coverage in your area, you should contact your local port or lighthouse authority or visit the IALA web page www.iala-aism.org
  • SBAS is a common term for free-to-air Satellite Based Augmentation Systems. Corrections are received through the GPS receiver when available. The systems are typically operated by governmental organisations in the region they cover, e.g. WAAS (Americas) and EGNOS (Europe).
  • The most common reason for problems with receiving IALA or SBAS are that you are outside of coverage or the station/system is not available for some other reason.
  • For information about how to check and configure IALA or SBAS on the Seatex DPS please consult the user manual or contact Kongsberg Seatex directly.