Why does the 9205-GNSS stop sending out data after 15 minutes?

This may be due to an unchecked box in the configuration of the unit.

To check if this is the reason for the problem:

  • View the Home screen of the receiver (briefly press the Power button to get to the Home screen)
  • If you are getting the position in the receiver and the signal strength is ok, and everything looks to be ok, try to reboot the receiver
  • After the reboot, check if you lose the data to the DP when the receiver go from VBS to G2 solution (after about 15 minutes)
  • If you lose the signal when receiver goes into G2, you can fix the problem by entering the web interface (see the FAQ 'How do I enter the web interface of the Fugro 9200-G2 or 9205-GNSS?'')
  • Sign in under the security tab
  • Go to the I/O configuration tab
  • Access the ports sending out the data, usually modem 1 and 2, and Lemo (to access these ports click on 'Serial' under the 'Type' column).
  • Ensure the box 'Report Combined GPS and Glonass in NMEA GGA string' is checked, and save.

The problem may also occur if your DPS does not accept Q=5.

In order to find out if your DPS can handle Q=5 or not, you must refer to your DP supplier.

  • If the DPS can't handle Q=5, you can change this by going into the 9205-GNSS' web interface and changing the NMEA outputs by checking the box 'Report max DQI=2 in NMEA GGA string'.

This change doesn't do anything to the final solution, it will just limit the quality number